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"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

-William Arthur Ward

Testimonials - (unsolicited, heartwarming letters from clients)


“I am a psychiatrist in Santa Rosa. I have co-treated patients with many therapists in Sonoma County and have trained several therapists who have successful practices. The patients whom I have co-treated with Traci all report that she understands them better than they thought anyone could, and that she has been a life-changing force in their lives. I see the wonderful outcomes of her treatment as I continue to provide ancillary services to some of her patients. I recommend her as one of the finest therapists I’ve known. She really cares about her clients. Compassion and skill are a rare combination.”  


-Anonymous Psychiatrist,
Santa Rosa

"Merry Christmas to one of the most beautiful and influential women in my life.  I cannot tell you how grateful that I am for you. You continue to teach and show me how to love other, love myself, and how to receive love.

I feel like I am learning and becoming the best version of myself, which has created so much life! So much authenticity, so much love in my world. My relationship is more fulfilling than I've ever thought was possible for me, and I totally credit you for guiding me through it, and being there with me in it.  I am proud of the mother that I am , and that I am becoming. I am learning my value, feeling my value, and accepting who I am. How do I thank you for being all of this for me!?! You make me feel honored, respected and important.  Thank you for creating this with me!

-Anonymous Female Client



“Traci, I honestly cannot thank you enough. You are an angel, not only for how you helped me with so much compassion, but for really 'getting me' and understanding what I was going through. You made me think about it in ways I hadn’t before and have helped un-glue me from a pattern I was stuck in. From the moment I started talking to you, I felt comfortable opening up, and it was because you create such a welcoming environment. It made it incredibly easy to share everything and you really connected with me as I did. Anyone that meets you and works with you is incredibly lucky – and I feel so grateful to be one of those people. I think we often take better care of our physical well-being than we do our emotional and mental well-being, and there is no one that can help someone improve the latter as well as you. You have a heart of gold, a calming presence, and a brilliant approach to really difficult situations – the perfect combination for a therapist.”


-Anonymous Female Client – Marin

"To the BEST therapist there ever is, was...

Thank you for seeing me when nobody else could. For understanding me,  for your unwavering support, guidance and love.  I have said this before and I will remind you, I am so thankful to have met you and to be on my healing and growth journey with you, someone who cares so deeply and devotes themselves to helping others create the life they desire.  I really can't adequately put into words how much I love and appreciate you for everything you do.  You are such an incredible person...

Thank you for being your beautiful, influential self and for truly seeing me."  


-Anonymous Female Client



"During the years that I saw you, you helped me so much. Seeing you was an important part of my life and truly made a difference in my life. I appreciated you so much. Even after I moved, (which was a very tough time)I got through so many tough times by thinking to myself “What would Traci tell me to do here?” During the years I saw you, you helped me through family issues and job issues. You helped me cope with & finally leave that toxic long-term relationship I was in. You helped me deal with my anxiety, depression, eating disorder and so much more. I told you things that I had never told anyone else. You were so wonderful to me. You made me start feel comfortable in myself. You made feel as though maybe I was worth something; worth more than I believed at the time. You were so kind, loving and supportive. You went above and beyond what your job required. I remember when my heart was broken over my ex and I felt I was literally falling to pieces, you sat on the floor next to the couch I laid on and consoled me and even cried with me. I remember when I couldn’t afford to pay to see you for a while, you actually saw me for free for many months! I mean, who does that?! Only someone who truly cares. Only someone with a heart as pure and kind as yours. You were so wonderful to me. I just want you to know how grateful I am for the years of guidance, support and kindness I received from you. I need you to know that you had a huge impact on my life and although I still have a long road ahead of me, I am happy to report that I have made some progress in my journey toward mental & physical health, happiness and self-love and I continue to work toward these goals daily. I am sure that you have and will continue to touch the lives of so many people."


With love,

– Anonymous Female Client


"It has been a long time since we have talked, but I speak about you and your incredible wisdom all the time.  I often reference you when ***** and I are talking.  I'm not sure if you remember me.  I saw you awhile ago and you helped me learn how to be confident in myself to choose the right men, set boundaries and find my voice.  I am still so grateful! I don't want to take up to much of your time.  I got married last year to a wonderful man who treats me how I should be treated.  We have a wonderful relationship. Thank you so much for all your help".

- Anonymous Female Client

"This session just makes me realize how grateful I am for you and how much I appreciate you as my therapist! I feel so safe opening up to you and I've never had that, so thank you for making such a huge positive impact on my life❤️"

- Anonymous Female Client

"I cannot say enough about Traci. My wife and I went to her for about two years, both together and by ourselves. If you’re looking for someone who can help you find the truth about yourself, and if you’re willing to do the work, there is no one better in this area. Traci was the third couples counselor we went to. Her philosophies, her style of counseling, and the homework (yes, the homework), became the glue that, still to this day, help keep my wife and I strong, and happy. I once told Traci that I have her wisdom in my thoughts that I use on a daily basis. Before we went to Traci our relationship was on its last leg. She asked us on our first day 'what your goal?' We said we’ve become just roommates. This coming year, 2013, we will celebrate our 16 years together. I can honestly say we have a fun, solid, romantic life. Our goal was to become a team. Not just people talking about what bill’s are next to get paid. If you’re wanting to peel away the layers of your personality without judgement, and want to find out what’s real, then Traci would be my first and only suggestion. We’ve recommended her to about six or seven couples. They all have said the same thing, 'WOW'. She’s the real thing. There is an honesty she will present to you, and a level of compassion, and understanding that can’t be taught, you have to have it inside of you.

Thank you Traci for your time. You know my next sentence is true because I’ve said to you multiple times. I’m a better husband, and live a more enjoyable life because of what I’ve learned going to you. I see the world in a much better light, with less anger, more fun, and strength within myself. I’ve learned how to forgive with help from you. And, like I said earlier, I use your wisdom on a daily basis.”


-Anonymous male (Couple)



” I wanted to say thank you for being so awesome and for going along on this journey with me even though it is just the beginning to what I hope is a life long relationship. I want you to know your influence on me has changed my life. I realize this is your job, but for me I believe we have a special connection as I truly feel the love and how much you believe in me. You’re so right when you say I have been seeking my entire life, but I never imagined being in this place at this point of my life and it all started when I began working with you. You’re a gift thank you. ”


-Anonymous Male Client



"Dear Traci, I am so thankful for you.  You have been such an important part of my life since we met.  You have helped me become a stronger person and view life's challenges in a better way.  The insight you have helped me gain into my own life history and how to use those insights today, while I am still working on it, have been invaluable to me.  You have helped me face things when my tendency was to ignore.  You have made me feel good about myself and have been such a positive constant in my life.  I cherish our relationship and everything you have been to me, deeply.  Thank you for all of your support and guidance.  I was always very resistant to therapy because I was scared and too "tough".  I am happy to have let my guard down and had you in my life.  Thank you for everything."


-Anonymous Female Client



"I couldn't wait until next Friday to say thank you! I'm sitting in my daughter's gymnastic class reading my co dependent no more book. I'm on chapter 5, but that's not what I wanted to thank you for. I'm fighting back tears because I feel so blessed to have you in my life and helping me. Thank you for giving me permission to let go last night. I can't find the right words to express to you how light I feel. I felt it as soon as you said it, and it keeps getting better.  I feel "happy" for the first time in a long time! I am a better mom because I don't have the weight of my husband's issues in my brain and heart anymore.  My energy around everyone and everything is lighter, positive, and loving. I feel like I can be the real me, I can be myself, and I really like who I am. It's so freeing and I know my girls can feel it too. So thank you so much for helping me let go of everything I thought I had to hold onto to be a good person. I like myself better today than yesterday and I hope that keeps happening as I grow through this experience with your guidance." 


- Anonymous Female Client



"Traci, Thank you for being such a rock for me over these last two years.  I'm not sure where I would be without our conversations.  You have found your calling.... and have inspired me to find mine.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance.  I wish you well until we see each other again."

- Anonymous Male Client

"We cannot thank you enough for the work you have done with us and the tools you have provided. When we first came to you, we didn't know whether we wanted to stay together. Over the years you have helped us to identify some of our individual issues that lead to couples' issues. As you provided us tools to work on them, it  has helped us individually and as a couple. We will continue to benefit from the work you have done with us as our individual and couple's therapist. 

We have always felt loved by you and the feeling is mutual. You helped us see our individual value and value as a couple . FYI, we plan on taking a two week vacation, just for us, as soon as this pandemic allows it! Thank you for helping us to see the need for putting us first!"

-Anonymous Couple

"I am grateful to have you by my side on this journey, I don’t feel like the healing will ever really end, I know there’s always more work to do ✨🦋

Thank you for seeing my light, I feel very seen by you and it gives me so much hope for what’s to come!"

-Anonymous female

"Traci, I know for a fact that this card will not have enough room for me to express my gratitude for you, how you've changed me, moved me, and have loved and accepted me.  I am beyond words, or rather at a loss for words.  I am richer for knowing you, meeting you, and for being counseled by you.  You are a voice in my head and in my heart that has and continues to heal me.  You have been a light on my dark and sad days and most importantly, thank you for not leaving me or giving up on me when I didn't know how to stay or be consistent.  Thank you for always welcoming me back with open arms and for being so extremely generous with your time."


-Anonymous client


“I just have to take a moment and thank you so very much, for all the work we have done through out these few years.  I really do appreciate the time you have spent with me.  You have changed my life in so many ways.  I can’t thank you enough for being a huge help in my personal growth.  I appreciate you so much.  Thank you Traci!"


-Anonymous Female Client


“I continue to feel so appreciative of my therapeutic process with you. I got everything I could have wanted from it. I feel so full of love and joy all the time, as well as continuously touched by the astonishment that it’s possible to transform so profoundly if you just want to, if you choose to believe that you can, and if you have just one person by your side who believes in you.  Thank you for being that person for me, Traci. I hope you continue to positively impact people with your no-brainer love, devout confidence, and heartfelt wisdom. You are a total gift.”


– Anonymous Female Client



"Hi Traci,

I wanted to take the time to share my thoughts.  I have been seeing you for a few years and you have had a tremendous impact on my life. You are one of the most caring, compassionate people I have met. I feel like your place is a very safe place, and it is a non-judgmental environment. I cannot sing your praises enough. Traci have made a huge difference for me. Thank you”


– Anonymous Female Client



"Great talk today.  You really have helped me more than you know.  I'm feeling like a million dollars.  I know I have more ups and downs ahead but thank you Traci.  I know it's your job and you get paid but I appreciate you all the same. I feel like you do care.  Best thing I did was call you. I am feeling reborn.  Thank you"


- Anonymous Male Client



"Dear Traci,

You helped me with my career goals a lot and I want to thank you so much for your helpfulness in my life.  My experience with you has impacted my life in so many positive ways, and it very much aided me in wanting to became a successful and an amazing therapist like you."


-Anonymous Female client



"Hey Traci,

I am doing great!!  I am in an amazing relationship with a wonderful woman and plan to move internationally with her.  I'm just generally happy and in good spirits!  I attribute much of this to the work I did with you and feel immensely appreciative for this.  I feel like I have not stagnated following therapy, but have continued to do the work independently - Thank You for your time, devotion, seeing me, and helping me to see the beauty in myself and the world."


- Anonymous male client



"Hi Traci.We are doing better than ever! You have given us life long skills that we continue to draw upon.  We've had to go through other very difficult times but are always coming out stronger and more connected. Thank you so much and we really miss you.  Love and Blessings."


-Anonymous couple

"Hey Traci, just wanted to text ya and say thank you for everything. It’s hard to fit it into a text but I was just reflecting on how much more capable and strong I am with the tools you taught me. Everything in my life feels better and I am so happy sometimes it doesn’t feel real. Meeting so many new friends at the gym and things with my boyfriend are so good after working through those issues, killing it at school every day. So I just wanted to say thanks. Your work has made me into a strong woman and I want you to know how grateful I am ❤️"


-Anonymous female client



"Thanks Traci.  It took me a while to figure out to go to therapy and I read a lot of profiles online and I knew to go with you for many reasons.  I don't need someone to justify what I do or just nod and agree, I need someone to help me through this and you really do. Thank you."


- Anynymous Male Client

Hey Traci, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for being such a great counselor. I am so lucky to have found you❤️. I don’t think we tell people in our lives how much we really appreciate them often enough-Just wanted you to know. 

-Anonymous Female Client

"I just wanted to say if it weren't for you I would not be in such a good place in my life. You made me realize I am a good person.  You opened my eyes to so many things.  I am learning to be independent again and working on being alone.  Can I say you were spot on with "mid life crisis". Keep doing what you are doing.  You are making big differences in peoples life."

-Anonymous Female Client

"Thank yo so much, you have no idea how much you mean to me and how absolutely amazing you are. I'm so grateful and thankful to have you in my life to bring me down a positive path.  You're truly a blessing to me and many others. Thank you so much."

-Anonymous Female Client

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