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"If you’re wanting to peel away the layers of your personality without judgement, and want to find out what’s real, then Traci would be my first and only suggestion. We’ve recommended her to about six or seven couples. They all have said the same thing, 'WOW'. She’s the real thing."       

- Anonymous couple


Couples Counseling


In couples work, I provide a safe, non-judgmental space in order for each person to feel heard, understood and seen.  My work focuses on improving communication and resolving individual issues that interfere with your relationship.  Couples learn how prior relationships/life experiences keep individuals “stuck” in destructive patterns of interaction which produce difficulty in their partnership.   As a Certified Level II PACT Therapist(Pscychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) I will help partners regulate each other’s emotions; maintain secure bonds; and foster positive, enduring relationships.  Romantic Relationships should be one of the most satisfying aspects of your life and my practice is designed to help you move in this direction.

For more information regarding PACT therapy: 

Stan Tatkin

Psychobiological Approach To Couple Therapy, Level II Certified

My role as a therapist will be to help you understand more deeply:

  • The pattern of your significant conflicts
  • How conflicts in your current relationship relate to the families/environment you each grew up in
  • How to communicate with your partner in a way that:
    • minimize defensiveness and counterargument
    • produces closeness rather than separation
    • produces empathy rather than resentment
  • How you and your partner can adjust your relationship to the other and produce something that is based on mutual respect, love and trust.


You will learn concrete tools to use at home in order to facilitate better communication and increased closeness.  The aim of couples counseling is to build an intimate connection which has healthy communication, increased trust, and greater understanding of your partner’s needs in relationship.  Therapy leads to a deeper understanding of both yourself and your partner which is the foundation for a more fulfilling relationship.


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